About us

dance star
Siobhan Ratcliffe – Founder of Dance Star UK
My first career was in dance where I travelled around the world with many different dance companies and production shows. This love of movement also lead me down the path of health, fitness, and wellness as a fitness instructor. There is so much to choose from , Pound Fit, Zumba, Fitsteps. Something for everyone. 
My sister and I were the first instructors to bring Zumba and Fitsteps to Sheffield, and we are again so pleased  to Bring Pound Fit to our community. 
We cover Crookes, Beighton and Handsworth  and we are passionate about dance, choreography, and fitness and find it really can make a bad day into a good day.
I now live in Sheffield and along with my sister Sarina, I am ready to bring Dance Star UK to you-why don’t you join me?

Siobhan x