Have a look at what our Zumba family are saying about Zumba and the Zumba Sisters!

I love the music the atmosphere and the fitness and fun combined! Zumba really helped me lose weight for my wedding last year, and has helped me keep to a healthy weight since. Zumba has literally changed my fitness life. Thank you Zumba Sisters. Lucy Sorby

I started coming to Zumba in February 2010 as a change to my normal running routine.After one class I was hooked and found myself doing more and more classes. Siobhan and Sarina’s great personalities and passion, makes the class great fun and inviting every time.I have lost weight and definitely have more self confidence. Zumba with the Zumba Sisters is a must for all, they rock the world of Zumba. Tracy Howe

zumba-logo I started coming to Zumba in January to help me lose the baby weight. I definitely manged to do that and feel fitter and more toned.I just love the atmosphere and get to wiggle and strut my stuff. Thank you Siobhan and Sarina. Emily Field.


zumba-logoI first tried Zumba almost a year ago and haven’t stopped since! I like the dancers , the music and that the classes are always fun. Zumba has been a great way to do exercise, as I dont have to force myself to do it. Amy Scott
zumba-logoI have been coming to Zumba since day one and love it! Great people , great teachers and it keeps you young! Wendy Harker
zumba-logoI started in January with the Zumba Sisters, and lost a stone in weight, my asthma has improved and I fell much fitter. Love the music, the routines the party atmosphere, but most of all the Zumba Sisters enthusiasm for Zumba. I have met some lovely people and feel sixteen again when Zumba-ing. Thank you so much. Carol Greene